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Sister Julia Henry-President

Sister Liz Lanchester- Vice President

Sister Kimberly Lanchester-Secretary

Sister Magary Blythe-Treasurer

Past Presidents

Mary Matilda Harden  ( 1912-1948)

Martha Twyman and Marie Anderson (1949-1952)

Louise Garrett (1954-1957)

Blanche Powers (1957-1962)

Bessie H. Payne (1962-1971)

Caroline Thompson (1971-1976)

Ruby Coleman (1977-1984)

Ruby Dolfinger (1984-1988)

Emma A. Greene-Bradley (1989-1991)

Willie B. Thompson (1991-1994)

Louise Morgan (1995-1998)

Magary Blythe (1998-2018)

Terriciena Brown (2019-2022)

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